Red October Red October

  • First known sample

  • Discovery

  • Number of targets

  • Current status

    Inactive since 2014
  • Type

    Complex cyberattack platform
  • Targeted platforms

    Windows , Windows Mobile
  • TOP targeted countries

    Eastern Europe , Western Europe
  • Connected attacks

  • The way of propagation

    Exploits , Social engineering
  • Purpose/Functions

  • Special features
    This multi-functional attack platform included several extensions and malicious files designed to quickly adjust to different system configurations and harvest intelligence from infected machines.
  • Targets

    Academia/Research , Aerospace , Diplomatic organizations/embassies , Government entities , Military , Trade and commerce
  • Artefacts/Attribution
    The exploits appear to have been created by Chinese hackers. The Rocra/Red October malware modules have been created by Russian-speaking operatives.
  • Description

    A high-level, cyber-espionage campaign that has successfully infiltrated computer networks at diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations in order to gather data and intelligence from mobile devices, computer systems and network equipment. Those targeted are primarily from organizations in Eastern Europe, areas of the former USSR, and Central Asia. Initial infection is through attachments to emails.

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