NetTraveler NetTraveler

  • First known sample

  • Discovery

  • Number of targets

  • Current status

  • Type

    Cyberespionage toolkit
  • Targeted platforms

  • TOP targeted countries

    India , Mongolia , Russia
  • The way of propagation

    Exploits , Social engineering , Watering hole attacks
  • Purpose/Functions

    Cyberespionage , Data wiping
  • Special features
    The crew behind NetTraveler specifically targets Tibetan/Uyghur activists.
  • Targets

    Academia/Research , Activists , Diplomatic organizations/embassies , Government entities , Military , Private companies
  • Artefacts/Attribution
    Based on collected intelligence, we estimate the group contains about 50 individuals, most of whom are native Chinese speakers and have a working knowledge of English.
  • Description

    A malicious program used for covert computer surveillance dating back to 2004. It was distributed as part of a cyber-espionage campaign that successfully compromised more than 350 high profile victims in 40 countries. Infected victims came from government industries, embassies, oil and gas companies, research institutes, military contractors, and activists.

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